View Full Version : need help Im not a wiring kind of guy

03-10-2012, 06:21 PM
So here is the run down, I have a s14 with a s13 redtop swapped into. My wiring was done from wiring specialties. ECU is #62. The car is auto to manual swapped, and a new 255lps fuel pump. The problems:

when I turn the key fuel pump doesnt prime- fuse is good, getting 12v at the fuse- relay brand new getting 12v at plug 5 to fuel pump but not 5, 12v at plug 1. Fuel pump side reading 12v at the connector pump still doesnt turn on. Jumped plug 3 and 5 pump kicked.

Problem 2 light on ECU doesnt turn on, wiring specialties said that doesnt matter, but keep telling me to make sure the j3 connector is seated all the way, which it cant go any further its in there like a fat chick in swim wear lol.
I am getting 12v at the injectors and 12v at the coil packs but even with the fuel pump hard wired to a new relay and 12v trigger with 12v constant the pump comes on but the car wont fire.

If anyone can explain it or have any tips that would be awesome im getting tired of it just want to drive it finally

03-10-2012, 09:57 PM
Sounds like the ECU to me. Mine went out randomly and never primed the fuel pump. It also had a red LED that was functional but when it went bad it was no longer illuminated. At first I thought it was the pump so I replaced that, same issue, finally replaced the ECU and it worked perfectly.