View Full Version : Power fc djetro s13 sr help

03-04-2012, 05:02 PM
I have a s13 sr with Isis intake mani, q45 tb,740cc injectors, poncams,gt3071r. Here's my problem, the car is tuned and working fine. Over the winter I cleaned some stuff up and ended up doing a iacv delete. The guy who tuned the car said it wasn't working right so he tuned it with it off. Now that it's gone my engine doesn't like to stay running unless I hold the gas till it warms up alittle. Is there any settings on the pfc I can change for cold starts ??

03-05-2012, 07:27 PM
Not really. Without an IACV you have no way to control amount of air entering the engine (without touching the throttle), and so, no way to control the idle speed.

Some adjustments to fuel and timing may yield slightly higher or lower idle speeds, for instance, increasing timing will generally raise the idle. But it will not raise the idle much, probably not enough for your problem.

Re-install the IACV. Power-FC seems to have trouble adjusting them, but at least you can still adjust the idle speed with a screwdriver and not have to worry about the electronics doing anything.
You may also wish to install a valve on the IACV. Plump a valve with a handle on it between the IC pipe and the IACV to manually adjust the air entering the IACV.