View Full Version : sr20det afr problem!!!! any imput would be greatly appreciated

02-29-2012, 04:36 PM
Whats up everyone.. I need some help. I just rebuild my t-25 and now im having some fuel issues. Not sure if the turbo 100% balanced but seems to spool up nice. Background on the motor.. sr20det with n62 ecu stock boost and minor mods.. megan exhaust manifold, walbro 255, fpr adjustable, fmic, dp,tp, stock oem exhaust. im monorting the a/f ratio throu my aem wide band. Before the turbo rebuild the car was running perfect on the fuel levels and since the rebuild i cant get the trims back to its normal trims.. car runs super rich at idle and lean on wot... i am running 10 and 11 at idle and at wot im running 13 to 14 ... i know its this is not good and im running 65 psi in my fpr ... anyone with similar set ups please lmk what are yours numbers. i keep adjusting my cas and aivc and this is how i have my vaccum lines set up .....

wastegate to a t for my boost gauge solenoid and to another t for my bov and to my trottle body on the left top tb and my fpr on the right top of the tb and i have a plug on the bottom left