View Full Version : Weird SR head knock - thoughts?

02-27-2012, 08:43 PM
So it's not knocking in the head anymore, I fixed it, but I'm just curious on what you guys think could have caused this? I've never had something like this happen before.

Alright, so the cams were off by a tooth, I corrected them, and started it up, there was a loud knock that was consistent with RPMS. Not rod knock, not detonation, preignition or anything like that. Just like a *dry* head sound.

Turned the car off, did a compression test just to be sure, 160psi across all 4. I took out the cams, rocker arm stoppers, rocker arms, and cleaned everything off and re-installed it all. I cranked the motor with the valve cover off and noticed that this time the whole chain was being lubed like it should be, the cam squirters were actually squirting oil out, etc.

Beforehand, when it was knocking, the oil wasnt flowing like this..