View Full Version : what diff ratio for 460whp bc stroker sr20det?

02-27-2012, 12:13 AM
Hey guys I need some opinions on what diff I should run with this setup I have. It is a 2.35l displacement motor, arp mains,rod,head,PE HG, bc valve train with 272's,850cc injectors,3.5bar map,and a turbonetics turbo. It made 460whp @18psi. I have a nismo 2 way with 4:08 but it was so violent when it hit the car would roast the 275 with no issues so I swapped it out with a q45 setup and now its not as violent, also I did this for the stronger axles as I didn't want to replace the reg 240 axlses often, what would u guys recommend if I am planning on running a hx40 pro billet turbo? Power wise I want to make 550whp or more . I do have plans for the mazworx z32 kitso trans will not be an issue. Would the q45 setup be better with this or go with the 4:08 and stock axles, any sugesstions would be great thanks. I can fit 295 but I don't think that will matter tracton wise.

02-27-2012, 12:34 AM
i had the 98-01 q45 rear gears (3.69) with the previous model 6 "star" axle stubs and it was great. then again, i only made 400whp. 275 drag radial will be ok. if all else fails, get mickey thompson drag rdials. those bitches can grip!