View Full Version : EGR Removal problems? Wont start

02-19-2012, 03:27 AM
Just finished a KA-T build that involved removing all egr components amongst many other things... whole new intake mani. All necessary vacume lines fpr, pcv, brake booster are hooked up. Not starting??? Keep in mind (I KNOW) there is an SAFC II hooked up and im starting to think that it is the culprate. We used it to compensate for the injectors/z32 maf, but even with recomended steeings I think that it is the source. Timing should be ok, it was running before we did the build, plugs are good, its getting fuel. Just trying to get some help. I feel like Im not giving enough info so let me know if you need anymore. The intake mani is the Godspeed version. The motor coughs like it wants to start but just wont go. I know that I should get an Emance, Nistune ect but I am just trying to get it started first just to make sure all seals and blah blah are hooked up right. Grounds are all new. One more thing the whole car was rewired by relocating fuse box and removing dead systems. All ign, fuel pump, lights, wipers, starter are all on a center switch board and working.
Here is a link to our Nico page so you can see what we are working with and what we have done. Hello! Our KA-T Build. : 240sx General Discussion (http://forums.nicoclub.com/hello-our-ka-t-build-t549631.html)
Thanks for any info/imput/help!

Pro ViZIon
02-19-2012, 03:41 PM
Make sure timing is set correctly if you ever removed the dizzy or anything. As usual make sure your getting fuel and spark. Other than that idk what to suggest. Good luck.