View Full Version : ka-t running bad

02-14-2012, 11:19 AM
i just got my ka-t back a little over a year ago. been running great. recently i found a wire that was left uncovered and it touched my heat shield that surrounds the brake resovoir. now the car is running really rich and it will not idle. i believe the wire that touched is the stock o2 sensor or exhaust gas temp that i am not running anymore. the problem started immediately after i found out this wire was touching. i have looked all over and i am very frustrated. i noticed in my fsm that the particular wire back feeds thru the two solenoids on the back of the head. one of those solenoids is vacuumed to the fpr. could this be the problem? any help would be GREATLY appreciated. i have not driven the car in about 3 weeks due to the problem. some times it fires up then it becomes really rich. other times it will not fire up and get above 3-400 rpms. please help me!!! thanks in advance.

aem stand alone
55 lb injectors