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02-10-2012, 03:14 PM
i have a 1994 s14 silvia imported from japan about 8 months ago , i bought if from the person that imported it to canada. car was stock with a 3"exhaust, last owner added a large front mount inter cooler with custom pipes, turbosmart boost tee boost controller, megan tubular exhaust manifold, block heater for the cold winters and a apex-i air filter

the last owner was running 12psi but a day after i bought it i turned it down to 8psi

i have had the car for about a month now and the weather has been nice ( over 60o Fahrenheit ) giving me no problems .. over the past week has been cold ( 20 coldest 30 warmest ) starting this week as i would pull up to a red light or stop sign the car would idle at 800rpm (800 rpm is normal) for 2-3 seconds but would then drop down to about 500rpm and feel like it is about to stall out then jump back up to normal ... yesterday as i tried to start my car in the morning my car would not start, it would turn over and over but not start. tried 2 times and the 3rd time i held the key for about 4 seconds till it felt like it started as i let go of the key it was on but the idle was at 400-500 for about 4-5 seconds then started to run like normal ... 9 hours later as i left work it did the same thing took me 3 starts . i took it home, parked it in the garage and plugged in the block heater thinking that would help but this morning it did the same thing .... i came to work thinking if i start the car up every 2 hours it would keep the car warm it would help but 2 hours after i got to work i tried to start it andddd you guessed it same thing

there is one performance shop in the city i live in now , i called them and told them the problem over the phone ... the owner said i would have to drop it off for 1 1/2 hours @ $90 per hour but he said that he will fix it 100% ... to me it sounds like he knows the problem and can fix it easy but just wants to make a quick $150

does any one here know what the problem might be and/or how i can fix it my self ? any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks guys

02-11-2012, 06:50 PM
bump , anyone ?