View Full Version : VG30DETT Oil Cooler

02-04-2012, 06:29 PM
I swapped a vg30dett into my s13. Proper swap but I'm not really decided on my oil cooler options.

The engine did not come with the oil cooler or the lines. I was going to run the Z1 performance sandwhich plate and upgrade oil cooler/lines. Problem is that I don't have the clearance between my oil tree and my subframe for all that.. The oil filter hits.

Would I be able to just block off the port that would of originally run to the oil cooler?

What I'm asking is can I totally delete the oil cooler set up from my engine by blocking the port without having any issues other than my oil possibly running hot?

P.S If any one has a z32 oil cooler set up laying around, I'd be more that happy to buy it off of you :naughtyd: