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02-03-2012, 07:26 AM
So I created a new site this month... It has a section that only deals with drifting. Check it out if you are interested... We also have an exclusive interview with Tanner Foust (http://www.daedalusautomotive.com/index.php/drifting/exclusive-interview-with-tanner-foust.html) - Two time FD Champion, As well as articles on learning how to drift (http://www.daedalusautomotive.com/index.php/drifting/how-to-drift-part-1.html), The drift Bible (http://www.daedalusautomotive.com/index.php/drifting/the-drift-bible.html) and many more.

You can subscribe to the Rss Feed (http://www.daedalusautomotive.com/index.php/drifting.feed?type=rss) as Well

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