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01-30-2012, 10:07 PM
Ok so I decided to finish my wire tuck and wire in my emanage ultimate. The car ran fine before I started the wiring and it took about a week for me to finish the wiring since I have school and other things to do. Anyways the tuck worked out fine but the emanage gave me a little bit of trouble with ignition so I pulled it out so I could finish putting my interior back in and mess around with the emanage later. I did not touch anything on my motor at all just simple wiring with the ecu and I know what im doing so I know nothing was messed up.

So I try to start my car and it cranks super slow so I try jumping it and all I would get it was a slight sputter and nothing else, so I start trouble shooting. I check spark its fine like it should be since It was fine before hand, then I pulled the rail to check the injectors and make sure they were firing. I have my cousin crank the car for 1 second so I could watch them and the thing fired right up with the rail completely off and the catch can fitting on the vc sprayed black thinned out oil that smelt like gas. I figure all the cranking and not starting lead to gas seeping past the rings but I was stumped by the fitting spraying like that. I told my cousin to crank again and the same thing happened again but not as much came out of the vc. I was pissed and figure I had next to no ring sealing so i called it a day.

Today I had some time after school to work on it and it started with everything plugged up the way its supposed to be and there was no more oil coming from the vc, but it was dumping fuel really badly. I umplugged the injectors to get the excess fuel out of there and it started with the injectors unplugged and will stay running. I let it run for almost a minute with them unplugged and was freaking out on how I was running without fuel. When I plug the injectors back in it dumps fuel again.

Im so stumped, the rail is sealed so I dont know where its getting its fuel from but it idles perfect with the injectors unplugged. I just dont know where to start now since it ran just fine before.

Has anyone ever ran into anything like this? Am I dumb or is this the worlds first oxygen powered sr? lol. Any input/ideas are greatly appreciated.

01-30-2012, 10:15 PM
Sounds like you put some of your injector wires to ground in your wire tuck.

01-30-2012, 10:24 PM
Sorry I forgot to mention I didnt do anything with the engine harness. The tuck I was finishing was just for my headlights, markers, turn signals, etc.

The injectors were unplug and I even did it with the rail completely off. One of the main things thats really bothering me is the fire hose of gasy oil from the vc.