View Full Version : WTB: Various 13 parts...Look!

01-30-2012, 03:06 AM
Hey y'all.

Looking for a few parts to make my hatch more trackable. Hers a list of parts I want, not lloking to pay shipping but if the price is right bob barker will pay:
~driver bucket with rails (preferibly name barand).
~authentic racing harness.
~hydro e brake.
~ z32 calipers FandR.
~s13 controll arms. No godspeed please.
~kouki tails
~harness bar.
~ five lug all the way around with se wheels.
~blast pipes.
~ oil relocation.
~nardi wheel
~name brand quick release.

Got a nice tax return coming in and planning on taking care of my car alittle to help it scoot around the track.

Contact me at (951)8097658 if you have anything. Thanks