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01-23-2012, 10:52 PM
March 18th – PPIR VIP lot
Practice Session

April 29th – Dicks Sporting Goods Park lot G
Drift Colorado Points Series Round 1
Minimum Prizes Offered: Trophies

May 20th – PPIR VIP lot
Drift Colorado Points Series Round 2
Minimum Prizes Offered: Trophies and Swag

July 15th – Dicks Sporting Goods Park lot G
Practice Session

September 30th – IMI Motorsports Complex
Drift Colorado Points Series Round 3 – Season Finale
Minimum Prizes Offered: Trophies, Swag, 1st Prize $500, 2nd Prize $250, 3rd Prize $150

Points Series Prizes:
1st Prize $250 + 2013 Drift Colorado Season paid in full, just show up.
2nd Prize $150 + 2 Free Drift Colorado event during the 2013 season.
3rd Prize $100 + 1 Free Drift Colorado event during the 2013 season.

All prizes are listed as a minimum commitment. As we recruit sponsors all money/prizes are subject only to increase in value, any increases will be announced.

Practice events are $75 pre-paid, $80 at the gate.
Competitions are $80 pre-paid, $85 at the gate
IMI season finale is $100 pre-paid or at the gate.

All cars will display vinyl (supplied by Drift Colorado, standard sizing, nothing ridiculous) somewhere on their car for the top level Drift Colorado local sponsors or pay an additional $5 per event. Local sponsors that support drifting will help us to achieve bigger and better events, support the sponsors, they support you. If you do not want to have the vinyl on your car please add $5 to the above rates.

If you have a questions, please go to DriftColorado.org (http://driftcolorado.org)

04-27-2012, 04:15 PM
What time will the event start on sunday the 29th also where is the dicks sporting goods located.

04-28-2012, 08:55 AM
8:30 I believe maybe 9:30

Here is the address we hope to see you there,

Dick's Sporting Goods Park
6000 Victory Way
Commerce City, CO 80022