View Full Version : Boost by GEAR/VSS - Whos using it..

01-21-2012, 09:01 PM
Just ordered a PWM boost solenoid from Xenocron for $60. I plan on using boost by gear feature currently still in final development for Tunercode. For now I'm just experimenting on creating a DIY Electronic boost controller using PWM Boost solenoid and standard 12v PWM dial switch controller. I'm still keeping my Greddy Profec B till i switch to this kind of boost control.

Boost by gear or technically by speed from what I read should be beneficial for high HP application builds 500whp+ considering at low speeds or gear all that power is fairly useless. being able to dynamically adjust boost levels according to speed should be awesome in taming the beast. Anyways if your'e using it. Please share your ems setup, whp and your experience. Thanks!


01-21-2012, 09:27 PM
This is the only way to keep an 800rwhp straight on the street. You dial it in just so that the tires barely spin through all the gears... For the 2jz-gte I would have it 0% duty cycle through first (about 13psi @ 470RWHP) then gradually ramping up to 45% duty cycle from 33mph-95mph, where finally, a full 48% duty cycle was handing me 28psi and 800rwhp by the end of third, start of fourth gear. I think it was using the 3.42 rear gear from an S15.
Of course I will use "C16" and a PT6776 precision turbo.
Car weight is around 3000lbs with a driver.

Start off a little too high and pull it back until you are satisfied with traction. I tried starting from too low and you wind up just wasting time, wasting the life of the engine trying to dial it in, you make too many runs, get into trouble, everything gets too hot, the last thing you want is to overheat the engine and detonate trying to dial in an electronic device. I am an OEM bottom end so the clock is ticking at 28psi.