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09-15-2011, 01:30 AM
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$10 Mineral Wells drift event on 10-2-2011 with a free classroom date 10-1-2011 (http://www.fabricatedmotorsports.com/forum/index.php?topic=2707.0)


First off, this event is split into two days, the class room session and the drift event. We will start with the class room session and move on to the drift event in the second part.


What is this event?
I am hosting a "learn to drift" class room session for anyone that would like to come. The session will focus on the basics of drifting and move on to more advanced stuff, as much as we can cover in a day, and whatever I feel will be the best for the students involved. This will be a great opportunity for you to learn about drifting, how it works, etc and get your feet wet. If you have never drifted before, have a few events under your belt, or you are just curious, come on down and learn. I really want to spend more time raising up a new crop of drivers!

When and where?
This class room session will be held in downtown Fort Worth, at a location to be given when you RSVP for a spot. You can PM me here on this forum for your spot, or if you need to, call me on my cell or text me at 210..269.4071. The date will be 10.1.2011, and we start at noon. We will probably go until 5 or so. We will probably go grab dinner together afterwards as well. YOU MUST BE ON TIME!

There is no payment or registration other than RSVPing for a spot and claiming it, and getting the location data from me.

This is free to everyone.


$10 Drift Event on 10-2-2011

What is this event?
This is a typical Mineral Wells day, but will only be $10 to try and attract new drivers, and say thank you to our old ones that have been coming out for the better part of a decade! We will have instructors on hand to help you apply what you learned the previous day in our class room setting, or you can just go out and rip it in your drift car and tandem your little heart out.

When and where?
This will take place at the Mineral Wells Airport, TX. Just google map that and you will find us, we will be almost right under the big checkered water tower. Drivers arrive at 9 am, drivers meeting at 9:30, we drive until 5 or so.

Registration stuff is all taken care of at the gate in person the day of the event.

$10 to drive, $5 to spectate.

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so down :D!