View Full Version : redtop in s14 intercooler question

11-22-2003, 09:18 PM
I have a redtop in my s14 with a hybrid side-mount intercooler setup. And I'm ready for a front mount. I was informed that I need a s13 hotpipe with a s13 intercooler kit. Will everything fit ok after that? I was also informed by another source that getting a greddy intake manifold would allow me to get a s14 intercooler kit. So which is less of a hassle?
1.s13 hotpipe, stock intake manifold, s13 intercooler kit
2.s14 hotpipe, greddy intake manifold, s13 intercooler kit

Thanks for your responses.

11-23-2003, 11:38 AM
neither works perfectly and both require some custom work. the S13 kit piping will fit but the mounting tabs on the botoom of the IC wont line up an dneed to be moved. the S14 kits basically work but the piping for the cold side dosent sit right. the pipe will sit on top of the TB. getting the greddy intake manifold helps but you still need to cut about an inch and a half off of the cold pipe to make it work. search imagestation for BSteeles. gallery should be called my car or my 240 (i dont have the link saved here sorry) or I can get them up tomorrow (monday) but like i said both will require some work.

96 S13 blacktop with greddy intake manifold and Greddy Vspl FMIC in an S14 Zenki