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11-22-2003, 07:35 PM
I have a lot of oil on the lower half intake side of my engine. I also have a Unorthodox Racing Crank Pully. So, I figured my front main oil seal was messed up. I pulled off the crank pulley and there was oil behind it. The oil seal looks fine though; it looks just like the new one. How can I tell if the seal is really bad? Will it look any different? At about what mileage would this seal normally wear out (my car has close to 100K). Also, any tips on removing the old seal and installing a new one?

If the oil pan seal is bad, would it just leak or would it cover stuff in oil?

Thanks for any help because my car is in pieces right now.

11-23-2003, 09:01 AM
Anyways, I got the old seal out fairly easily. I just pressed the new seal in. Anyone know if it is suppossed to be flush or recessed? Thanks

Evil S14
11-23-2003, 11:32 AM
i just changed mine, its looks to be recessed it about 1-mm in, i used a huge socket that was about the size of the seal and pounded it in with a rubber mallet

11-23-2003, 12:41 PM
Just get it flush. be sure no to damage or bend it putting it in. i would recommend wooden block and rubber mallet for install

11-23-2003, 01:46 PM
I used a rubber malet and a large socket also. It is recessed maybe 1/8 inch. It didn't get bent or messed up putting it in (I put it in the freezer a while before installing it...someone suggested that in a previous post). It's about all back togather now so I hope it's right!

11-24-2003, 12:23 PM
Just a little off topic.
About to do my crank pully. Do you need a puller to get the old pully off. The napa I went to has a couple different pullers but they are all different. Don't know witch one to spend $80.00 on. I guess it doesn't matter because the guy at the store said 90% of the people that buy them just return them so I will most likley do the same.

Evil S14
11-24-2003, 02:45 PM
go to sears and buy a 2 arm puller, the one with an 8 inch spread, use it once then return it :cool:

11-24-2003, 03:35 PM
A couple questions for you wa-fu:
-Why didnt you replace the seal when you put on the pulley? seemed a little unnecessary at the time but it just sucks now don't it? Startours7, make sure you spend the extra 7 bucks and 5 minutes to do your seal when you do the pulley.
-Why did you buy the Unorthodox Racing pulley? i'm not trying to be a dick but why spend like $80 bucks more than buying the ASP pulley when the UR one is not as well designed? i seriously wonder, cause a lot of people bought the UR pulley and from all i've heard its no better (worse if anything) than the ASP pulley and costs a lot more money (nearly twice as much!)...is it just cause of the brand name? the ad in super street? never heard of ASP? or did you buy the whole SS set? maybe i should put together a poll cause this boggles my mind....oh well.

i'm done ranting and inquiring for now.

11-24-2003, 04:44 PM
Yah, I got the asp because I'm broke and no one could covince me that the UR was any better. My front seal is leaking. I was just going to do the seal, but wanted a pully so, two birds one stone. And I really am a function over fashion kind of guy.

Evil S14
11-24-2003, 05:37 PM
is it true that aftermarket pulleys have problems because they dont have a harmonic balance, thats just something i heard

11-24-2003, 06:07 PM
I can't verify any of that 100% but a lot of people say that the UR pulley does not account for the balancing like the ASP one does....but all i have gleaned from hundreds of reviews is heresay, not necessarily hard evidence.

11-25-2003, 07:57 PM
I didn't replace my front main seal when I put the UR pulley on because the seal looked fine. Also, I was kind of afraid of getting the old seal out and getting a new one in.

I had never heard of the ASP pulley when I bought the UR pulley.

I have my original pulley back on now. Oil leak seams to have stopped. For me, the UR pulley wasn't worth the time and money.