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11-19-2003, 02:57 PM
I know there are a million threads out there about "which clutch to get" but I'm more concerned with their life so this thread is aimed at those people who have worn a few clutches out in their time, not a review of all the brands which is all I can find searching. Nobody states the life of their cluthes so I'd like to know that info :) I've got 168,000 miles on my 240sx now..first clutch replaced at 80,000 (stock nissan clutch) and here another 88,000 miles down the road that stock nissan clutch is ready to give way too. I'm considering a SPEC (kinda of scared after seeing the exploading issues) or an ACT clutch. Right now the car is stock, but as soon as May comes I'm purchasing a turbo kit so I'm going to need more power than the stock clutch will handle. I saw one thread where a guy said his ACT street clutch lasted only 50,000 miles but noone has said anything about any other brands...so what lifetimes have you all witnessed from your performance clutches? Thanks!

Mr. Spool
11-19-2003, 04:56 PM
It really depends on how hard you drive. If you push your car everyday 50000 miles on an act street clutch is pretty good. I personally have had an act clutch in one s13 its been there for at least 30000 and still gripping real good. I have a duel friction stage 2 in my other s13 which has been there for the last 40-45k and it is still gripping real good as well. neither of these have been pushed exsesevely. usually most people who upgrade there clutches do it for a performance reason in which case they plan on beating it up which would account for them lasting less miles.