View Full Version : Swapping a CA18DET

11-15-2003, 01:05 PM
Hey, I've been tyring to swap a CA18DET into an American Model 240sx with a KA24DET. I've run into some trouble though. For some reason my engine won't spark up/turn over right. What I think might be wrong is that I had to add the ECCS relay into the electrics(since it wasn't there before) but I'm really not sure if I hooked it up right. I downloaded the schematics and just tapped the ECCS Relay wires into the wires that the schematics said they were connected to(just four). But for some reason my car won't spark up. If i hardwire the Air Flow Meter up to the battery then my car will start up but won't run good at all. I'm sure this is all due to my ECCS relay. Another thing I've noticed is that my car doesn't seem to have enough juice when i try to run it over, and it sucks up my battery pretty quickly. I am stuck and don't know what to do(i dont want to have to hard wire the air flow meter). If anyone has ever swapped a CA into a KA or knows anything that could help me out with diagnosing my ECCS, air flow meter...etc PLEASE let me know. Thanks.