View Full Version : Cheapest Tuning Alternative for an RB25

06-23-2011, 05:23 PM
I'm looking to build my pretty much stock block rb25 to get a decent powerband without coming close to breaking the bank. Yes, you read correctly.

Turbo lag isn't an issue since this car isn't going to be anything other than a street/freeway cruiser.

I picked up a rb25 longblock for about $300 dollars, Used top mount manifold from a buddy and made a custom intake plenum. Threw on a rb20 transmission/alternator/extra pumps that I had sitting at the shop and picked up a turbo kit as well.

(holset hx35, 555cc injectors, 1.2mm hg, fmic, etc blah blah)

With the deal I got on the parts plus turbo kit, I am about 1,200 dollars into a almost complete motor. I want to stay under the 2k marker on this build,

I was thinking about going the nistune route with a z32 ecu, any suggestions on that move?

Megasquirt is out of my territory since I don't have the time or feel like touching it.

Or if there is any other alternative or if you have a hook-up on a used aftermarket ecu, give me the details.

I already sold all my haltech systems and don't feel like wasting money since my focus on a car build is PROFIT or coming out near equal to when I have to sell or part it out.