View Full Version : Zilvia.net News! PLEASE READ!!! New Server / Host

08-08-2003, 04:44 PM
As you know, Zilvia.net continues to grow every month. We now have over 12,000 members and there have been 75 million hits on the website so far this year.

In order to allow Zilvia to continue to grow and expand, we have made some decisions that will help the website performance and growth.

1. We are signing a contract with a Data Center/Co-location facility that will host the Zilvia.net servers. This facility has redundant power, HVAC and multiple connections to the Internet backbone. Zilvia will have 1 MB (burstable to 10MB) to handle peak traffic times with no degradation.

2. We are also ordering a new server for Zilvia. Some of the server features include 2U Rack Server with 2.8GHz Xeon CPU, RAID 5 and 10,000 RPM disks, 1 GB RAM to improve forum and website performance.

As you can imagine, all these changes and improvements and hosting fees, will cost several thousand dollars. In order to pay these improvements and upgrades, we need the help of the membership.

Custom User Titles - (Buy Now) (https://www.paypal.com/xclick/business=advertise%40zilvia.net&item_name=Custom+User+Title&amount=5.00&cn=Username+/+New+Title%3F&currency_code=USD)

We will offer Custom User Titles for a one-time fee of $5. You can change your User Title when you reach 2500 posts. However if you would like to help Zilvia.net with the cost your new server, please feel free to take advantage of the Custom Titles or purchase a sticker.

Sticker Sales - (Buy Now) (http://www.zilvia.net/advertise/stickers.asp)

Were almost out of stickers and will run a 2nd batch shortly after we sell out.

I will update this page and remove the sticker link/page once/if we sell out.

We plan to have the server up and migrated by the begging of September when we sign the contact with our Co-location Host. There should be a downtime of 2-4 hours when we physically move the server data to the new location.

Were all friends here so if you have some suggestions /ideas for ways to raise some bucks without doing donations then please let me here them!