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06-17-2010, 08:22 PM

The Mexican Standoff (http://fabricatedmotorsports.com/forum/index.php?topic=1947.0)

$2000 + in prizes will be given out.

Friends and money don't mix. *Aggression will be rewarded. *We will find out who the best drifter in Texas is. *Or at least the luckiest one : ) *

To drive in the competition will be $75, to just come out and play with no intention of running the competition will be the normal $50. *Driving will go on until 7 pm, so there will be a full day of driving even if you don't run the competition. *General Admission will be $5.

Tech inspection will be a simple safety inspection, and no cage will be required for this event.

All drivers need to be there by 9 am, drivers meeting will be at 9:30. *Competition will start at 3:30.


Drivers list currently contains, but is not limited to:

Chelsea Denofa - Turbo M3 putting down over 600 hp, he won the first event of the year in Houston.

Stewart Leask - Piloting his 500 hp V8 S13 stew has been cleaning up this year winning almost $3K in prize money in Texas drifting.

Mikespeed - Bubba drift fame, the El Camino man will be piloting his Rotary Subaru Brat! *

Corey - Will Corey be willing to raise his S13 half an inch to be competitive? *This man earned a D1GP Underground License last year.

Fielding - 400 hp S14. *He is a hungry up and coming driver, eager to prove himself.

Josh Steele - 500 hp S13. *With a brand new built motor and a big turbo on a little motor, the man is going to need a lot of clutch kicks!

Will Parsons - 280 hpAE86s are getting rare, especially with the 4AG motor still hanging around. *He has a bet with Chelsea where he might have to shave all his facial hair before this event, so we might not even recognize him. *Plus he has a new built motor to put behind and infront of his turbo.

Russell Walker - *His main competition will be finishing his RWD STI in time, since he just took apart his S13. *He just got back from his first round of Formula Drift though, so lets see if he can teach us a thing or two.

Cody - The mans Chaser is so full of win, he doesn't even need to pull it off the trailer. *Even if someone wins, they still don't take a Chaser home with them.

Alex Berrios - One of the pistol wielding SL Kids. *Also repping the KAT still, while everyone and their mother has been raiding the camaros for V8s

Ameen Rizvi - Not one, but two Jay Zees. *It is getting really close to a Chaser.

Nate - One of the army of 500 hp V8 powered drift cars nowadays, this guy looked fantastic at our Austin event, and will be a driver to watch. *Does he have the tandem experience yet? *We will see.

Brock - After ditching the AE86 he seems to be on the fast track to local fame. *The man is so good, he got tipped 100 bucks at an event the other day for giving a ride along. *

Kyle - V8 V8 V8 V8 V8 V8 S13. *

Tyler Cox - Some people might be wondering why Buckley's car is on the flyer as a drivers car for the event. *TCox said he will be driving it for this event. *Lets see if he asked first.

Ryan Rohrbach - V8 S13, but with a twist. *VH45. *Pink. *4 Lug. *And it looked cool. *Interesting.

Carl - Is the core support fixed from the LSB yet? *

Wade - Turbo Miata man, running megasquirt and a new motor. *He worked at a road course, he got a D1 Underground License. *

And the list just keeps going. *If you want a chance at the money, and all these other drivers, show up.