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05-19-2010, 12:31 PM

This is my birthday event! : )

Drifting: Alrighty folks, here we go again. If you don't know where this venue is, just go to maps.google.com and search for Mineral Wells Airport, TX. Click on the satellite pic and you can see where we play VERY clearly. The lot is HUGE, and we often hit speeds of around 100mph on entry. Everyone is welcome to come out and drive even if it is your first time. We have people to instruct you, and help you through your first day. Drivers meeting is at 9:30 am or slightly after, and we drive until around 4:30-5:30 pm.

Car Meet: Come hang out in a fun atmosphere with a bunch of people with cool cars. Ride along with the drifters, get some pointers, and be a part of the Texas scene. We regularly have some really cool cars out at Mineral Wells, and you don't have to worry about getting kicked out by cops or standing around without anything fun to do like normal car meets. Regular cars that attend our events include LS1 swapped import cars, 2JZ swapped cars, a V8 AE86, tons of turbo 240sx's, BMWs, 350Zs, etc. You will have fun! Bring a helmet so you can ride along with the drifters!

Media: We will have multiple photographers and video people shooting for online blogs, possible magazine stuff, and general online stuff. There has been a ton of Speedhunters, Motormavens, Maydaygarage, Stanceworks, and other content generated at these events lately.

Here is the home thread for this if you are reading on other forums besides Fabricatedmotorsports.com.

Here are all of the Mineral Wells dates for the year from FM.

1/10/2010 . 2/21/2010 . 3/7/2010 . 4/10/2010 . 5/16/2010 . 6/13/2010 . 7/18/2010 . 8/22/2010 . 9/19/2010 . 10/17/2010 . 11/7/2010 . 12/12/2010

07-14-2010, 05:22 AM
Hai everyone!

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Derrick and I, and possibly Chelsea will be conducting a class the day before my June 13th in Fort Worth for anyone that wants to come. You must register in advance by PMing me on fabricatedmotorsports.com/forum or on houston240sx.com. The class will be free, will last around 4 hours I would guess, and will focus on a range of drifting topics.

1. Derrick will cover car setup, along with general suspension stuff such as roll center, bump steer, damping, spring rates, and tons of other stuff. We will chat about how to setup a drift car to todays standards. We will explain how cut knuckles work, how they are made, proper cage building, and anything else you can ask. We can also lay out pro builds if you are curious how they work, and explain how they are different than local stuff.

2. We will discuss in detail all the basic drift techniques, and explain how they relate to each other, line, entry, and your overall run. We will discuss in detail how your entry speed can be affected by tons of factors, your line, braking, gas, angle, and everything else. We will basically break everything down so you understand what is going on, and after all this, you won't just be driving towards the corner and randomly clutch kicking and see where it takes you! You will CONTROL your line, and you will be FASTER around the course than everyone else. We will talk about how the car reacts to inputs, or doesn't react to inputs. There is a ton of stuff to talk about, and we will just start basic and keep getting more advanced.

3. We will talk about advanced techniques. I will run you through some techniques you can't just feel your way through, that you have to memorize. This includes the 360. Advanced techniques either require years of driving to figure out, or a simple memorization of their parts, and then 20 minutes of practice in your car! We will also cover different drifting styles and how they work, such as low angle high speed stuff like Taniguchi, and high angle low speed stuff like Mikespeed. Understanding styles is cool because then you can change your drifting technique and go around the course in many different ways, having more fun.
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