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05-11-2010, 03:21 PM
Ok guys I need some help. I’m an old DSM guy that’s made the move to 240’s. I picked up at 95’ 240 awhile ago and I’ve been picking up turbo parts to boost it. I’m trying to see what the cheapest way to tune it just so I can get it put together and run it very low boost until I can upgrade parts. Here is what I want to install now:
T03/04 turbo
255 Walbro
Aftermarket FPR
38mm waste gate
Top mount manifold
3” downpipe
FMIC with 3” piping
3” exhaust with test pipe
S14 370CC SR injectors
Blow off valve
Boost controller
EGR block off plate
Like I said I’m still new with 240’s, so I don’t know much about what kind of basic tuning they need just to be able to run on boost. I’ve been through the threads and I have found how much I will need to retard the timing for the amount of boost running. I really want to get the parts on and keep the boost about 6-8 until I can finish upgrading to better parts and add to the build. I know I will need a clutch that will be able to hold the extra power. So what would be the cheapest tuning for this set up? I drive 5 miles a day, so I won’t be killing the car but I don’t want to blow my motor either.

05-17-2010, 02:53 PM
im assuming a ka? right? you can go with a rom tune like an enthalpy tune or jwt. Also, unless you dont want to really boost that much i'd get bigger injectors as well. You dont wanna lack fuel.