View Full Version : KA-T , get's super rich on load and won't boost past .3 bar

05-07-2010, 01:56 PM
So recently this happened as i was boosting, i boosted fully on 3rd then 4th gear and then i hear a "pop". First thing that came into my mind was damn, coupler popped off. Funny thing was as i was pulling over, the car felt fine. No wierd stumble or anything of the sort. So i look at my couplers and all of them are on tight.

I drive off and everything is normal, so i try to hit boost and i noticed as soon as i try to gas it and i see my boost gauge needle reaching "0" car feels like it's hitting a brick wall and AFR is at "10" i can get up to .3 bar but the car wont' let me go past that and it's like hitting a brick wall.

I just changed my spark plugs and gapped them correctly at .28 brk7e's.
NOthing changed, and i can't hear any boost leak when i pop the hood and rev the engine. In IDLE i can rev freely with no hesitation....

Oh btw i can hear the turbo spooling and when i let off i can hear it surge.
I have a rom tuned ecu btw and have run this set up for close to a year with no problems. The only thing that recently changed is that i took off the bov and had new piping done, but it was boosting fine.

Any one have any clue what this may be or had this problem as well?

05-07-2010, 03:18 PM
i bet you ripped a coupler.