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05-05-2010, 08:55 PM
ok so im gonna say this with the least amount of text..

ka24det 7lbs of boost
z32 maf
emanage ultimate with an untuned 3 bar map senor iidk anything about.
big Front Mount
walbro 255

car gets tuned 2-3 months back when i got it running...spark plugs are brk5eix(or something like that) iridiums its night time..car was boost creeping because i had a dead vacuum to my wastegate and after 4000rpm injectors would max out and boost would go up to 13 so my tuner set it the rpm at 4000 and said to fix the vacuums or whatever and he will come back...changed vacuum line next day and stay at 7lbs of boost

NOTE: i had no idea about spark plug gapping back then and i jst put inthe plugs at stock gap .044

tuner doesnt come back for another few months until i get a tag for my car cause this has been a project in the works for 11 months already..

for a whle while i had no tag i drive car around my neighborhood...pipings connections pop here and there and get refastened and all secured.. car drives great i do pulls around here and there and it feels good i just need that damn retune.

my friends wants to try out a fuel injector of mine in his sr to see if his problem in hiscar is an injector..

its not..i put my injector back in. seal tears, didnt notice it..start my car...

its misfiring...i pull out my plugs there alittle fouled out and i learned about gaps and see they should be at about .035 so i buy some bkr6e ngkr plugs thinking it will fix it..NOTE gap is now .035 not .044 and on the same tune.

so nothing is fixing the car.i find out the seal is torn i fix it..i get a tag yesterday finall after months of being tagless so i drivet school..stop at the gas station get gas everythig is good. stat going down the road and icome to a light i come to a stop..turns green. i take it up to 3500 and a coupler pops..i start running 10 on my wideband. im like wtf..i get to school and try to fix it by clamping the coupler where the hole is at..get me home in the rain after class. get a new coupler turn car on an it starts to idle the im reading 16-18 to -----...im like wtf..i mess with the dizzy for a sec..doesnt idle where its supposed to but its at 15 so im lke maybe i can drive it.but wait my tuner ays if i changed the gap he says put it back on .044.so i did..NOTHING..i start to lower my hood and the car starts bogging and the afr is 16-18 im like what in gods name is wrong...so i look at my maf and just move the wires around because my told me to and the idle go to 14-15..wtf... i et go and 16-18...SOME TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY CAR PLEASE

05-06-2010, 12:15 PM
I feel your pain my car is pissing me off. Just from the last thing you said there I would say u got a bad mafs. Or wiring since the idle shouldn't change when u mess with maf wires.

For spark plugs don't use iridium, though I am sure someone will argue this but they are expensive as shit and don't last as long on boosted motors. Bkr7e are cheap and work well gapped at 35 is good. I personally gap them at 27 on my sr.

But check maf/wiring first. Get all ur piping/couplers solid so they don't keep blowing off! Then retune it