View Full Version : Turbo sizing help!

04-15-2010, 11:56 AM
I've recently been pouring over the dyno section on ka-t.org and googling the crap out of the turbos looking for answers to my questions, but they didn't really get answered..

I'm looking to make ~375whp daily, and ~450whp max. Ive been checking out the t3 60-1, sc61, hp6262, the smaller hp5857, and possibly BW s256/258. I would like to hit full boost no later than 4k. 4250 at the most. And 25psi MAX.
Built KA, Xcessive intake manifold, tubular exhaust manifold, considering cams and valve spring kit, 93 pump gas (just for the major parts).
I know all of the turbos I listed will do the job, it's just which one will be the most efficient.
And just to clarify, this is going to be on a ka. Not a SR.