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04-07-2010, 12:42 AM
Well guys, the time is here. After waiting 6 months to finish my RB it is done. The tuner put the car on the dyno without me there after I asked to be and later texted saying you have rod knock. I replaced the rod bearings,oil pump,rod bolts, and still have the issue. The factory bearings looked pretty good but I went through with it for a safety factor. I took the car around the block today and around 3k the car was knocking but at 3500 it was perfectly silent!!!! I wonder if I have a valve problem? Keep in mind the car never had an issue before I took the car there. I noticed I had oil shooting out of the intake side of my turbo, yea tell me about it. My question(s) is who would you recommend for a rebuild or to source parts through? What can I do to clarify the issue I'm having.

Should I start with:

Compression test?
Leak down test?

My setup& oil in turbo


04-07-2010, 07:10 AM
I had what I thought was rod knock but it was not. On first start up it made a hollow knocking sound like rod knock but didn't get much louder with more rpm. After couple days it just stopped. Checked the oil/oil filter and didn't see any metal. Drove the car for 4 years after that and did a rebuild last year. Bearings were in good shape.
It was most likely the oil pan baffles making contact with either a rod or crank counter weight. I can see where the baffle was making contact. If it wasn't that it may have been the TOB. I really don't know.