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03-31-2010, 05:02 PM
Got this from Clubloose and talking to the dude running it as we speak. There has never been drifting up here so this the ice breaker event. If things go well there will be more events here.

OK guys I was skeptical about this till I talked to the guy running it -track is rented -this is happening! I would love to see some of you there to support or better yet drive this awesome track. Details are below and if anyone has questions feel free to email me at [email protected] or the contact email below.

Drift event on the 23rd of April at
Monticello Motor Club on the South Course.

Event Location: 67 Cantrell Road. Monticello, NY 12701

Sign in at gate when arrive and again at reg. (pay at registration not gate)
Allowed 1 crew per driver

Registration and Tech: 10am-11am
Event : 11am-5pm

$150 for the day, Tire charger available at event free of charge!
$140 for people who pre-register at [email protected] (pay at event)
-leave full name

There will be a tech and helmet check and signing of waiver before you drive.
-If not stock belts: Harness must be SFI approved
-Helmets must be SA2005
-Pants NO shorts
-Waiver signing

For people who are skeptical, I spoke to Tungsten yesterday about this..

First: I am a Founding Member at MMC, so I can assure this is NO Bullshit!!!! If you try to locate event on the website it prob. won't be there.

The reason for this is not because it isn't happening, but because the track doesn't officially open until May 1.

If you question how would members be cool with us there, the answer is:
Any club event at track on any given day has to offer around 10 positions in that club to members for the day. This lets members drive with different clubs if they want. Feedback told us members really enjoyed this last year.

Second:I have already booked the track for the day so amount of drivers that show doesn't matter.
We will drive no matter what amount of people show.
If only a few drivers show, then those few get seat time the whole day....not bad right?

I have arranged:
-Corner Flaggers on each corner
-EMT's, Wrecker (god forbid)
-Fire extinguisher on each corner,
-Workers for the day,
-Tire charger with a Club rep. doing tires....
people doing tech, as well as a few who are willing to teach a bit durning the day too.
-Classroom access as well as access to bathrooms at club

Everything is in order!
If you are skeptical, that is your own right, but I can ASSURE you THIS IS HAPPENING! Like I said I am a founding member and have been with the club since 08'. I have brought this opportunity to have a drift event to their attention and met with the owners of MMC about a week ago here in NYC at Manhattan Motor Cars, where it was set in stone.

I have contracts signed and have officially booked two dates over the
summer for us to drift. The first of which is April 23rd.

Please pass the word that this is NO BS!
Any questions about the event can email me:
[email protected]


03-31-2010, 05:19 PM
Fukken awesome for you guys!!
I am from Poughkeepsie. If I still lived there, damm that track looks awesome!!!
Shits like an hour or so from my Mom's hood..