View Full Version : Need help from the ca experts

03-23-2010, 01:47 PM
Ok so here's the deal I bought a ca18det powered s12 a few months back. I was told the turbo was blown and that was all that was wrong with it. So I swapped turbos to find out there was nuthing wrong with the turbo itself no shaft play or anything so after swapping the turbo the exhaust is still pouring smoke symtomatic to a blown turbo. But the turbo thta was swapped was a know good turbo so I know it can't be the turbo. So I do a comp check and #4 is low like 60psi and come to find out oil is being dumped into the comp side of the turbo like a huge amout you can see it make its way up the the turbo out let while revingthe car. I know how to fix the low comp but how do I fix the oil problem where should I look to find out where its coming from? To give you an idea of how much oil is being dumped I topped it off after swappin turbos took it for a spin for a few block and the dipstick read empty wth would cause this? Any help would be greatly appreciated