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07-28-2001, 12:06 PM
ok guys here is the skinny.  i have decided to turbo my ka in the next couple of months.  here is what i need.

i need a suggestion on the best turbo setup possible including any safety concerns to run higner and safer psi.  I need a place to get them and around how much it will cost.  I need info on not only the turbo, but on turbo timers, boost controllers, ecu, fuel ingjectors, fuel pump, fuel rail, fuel filter, rods, pistons, retainers, valve springs, cams, spark plugs, blow-off valve, wastegate, intercooler, and anything related to a turbo setup, like the exhaust i should use and if i should bore out the cylinder walls.

this is serious, I'm going all out so i want to be smart about it. any recomendations would be really appreciated.

in the meantime, i'm going to do an engine rebuild as well as re-ringing, and port and polishing, and boring out the throttle body(if possible).


07-28-2001, 11:20 PM
Ok, i'll take a shot at this one.
Safe psi without a intercooler is 4 psi or less.  On a stock motor, 6psi is safe, and I wouldn't push that on stock internals.  Fmax turbo kits are around $3,000, and Nsport(?) uses a different exhaust manifold and are $600 or so more.  
You need a turbo timer, if you like having a turbo.  Those are cheap.  Boost controllers go from $250 to $600, depending on manual boost controller, or electronic, and how many bells and whistles you want.  ECU, get it reprogrammed from Jim Wolf Technology for a turbo setup, discount performance sells the reprogrammed setup for $550.  JWT does it for more, but I dont see why.  Fuel injectors, get at least 50 pound injectors, should run about $70-80 each.  Fuel pump, 300zx pump is $309 at Autozone.  Fuel filter, 300zx, $10 at Autozone.  Fuel rail, Venom-performance.com has them, dunno the price though.  You want forged pistons, with a lower compression ratio.  8.2:1 is what some other ka24det's I have seen are running.  Rods... PDM says they are fine until 350hp or so.  It depends on how picky you are on it.  spark plugs... get a better ignition system, $150 for a MSD ignition.  Cams, some run stock cams, but PDM racing has colt cams, and JWT sells cams for turbo applications.  I think they run around $500.  Blow off valve is $200 if it doesn't come with a turbo kit.  So should a wastegate and intercooler.  Intercoolers are expensive if the kit has one thats too small for what you want.  HKS intercoolers are $1100-1200.  I seriously wouldn't bore the cylinder walls.  Finally, exhaust.  You will want clost to 3inch for turbo.  Apex'i GT spec exhausts are 120mm, which is huge, for $550-650.  5Zigen also has a turbo fireball setup, but i dunno the price on them.  Those are my favorite two exhaust system manufacturers.
Others: Feel free to correct me or prices.
Hope that helped