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08-03-2001, 11:11 AM
Hey guys I was wondering that instead of just getting a Sr20det swap...y not just get a Sr20de from like a 200sx and just drop in a turbo...would that do...or would all u guys just recommend getting a sr20det straight up? I have an 89 240sx...so I just want to know what u guys would recommend...oh yeah I heard that the 200sx carries the sr20de engine also...isn't that the silvia motor just without the turbo? So y not just get a sr20de from a 200sx and just install in a turbo kit from there? If any of you guys can help me on that...I'm new to this 240sx stuff...Thanks...

08-03-2001, 11:57 AM
I thought of that before to. Only set back is all the americain sr20de engines are front wheel drive that means that you need a rear wheel drive tranny,  don't know if the KA tranny fits to a sr motor, also the compression is probably different in the n/a SR than in the turbo so if you do get a turbo kit and wanted the big power levels you would need new internals $$$. A turbo kit on a american sr20de still puts out nice numbers though so it is probably worth looking into.

08-03-2001, 12:33 PM
Not possible since the SR20DE is a FWD engine. If your looking for a Cheap route as far as an upgrade to the 89 KA24D engine then why not consider a CA18ET? Im not sure where to get one but they arent to costly. Ask Jeff @ <a href="http://www.heavythrottle.com" target='_blank'>http://www.heavythrottle.com</a>

08-03-2001, 12:46 PM
I have heard of a vg30det out of a 300zx being transplanted in a front wheel drive maxima (this is the whole engine not just the turbo parts). So I assumed that if you take off the front wheel drive tranny and put a rear wheel drive tranny on there, it would be possible. Anyone know if that would be possible. As for a ca18det engine i heard of a place in Miami might have em, can't remember the name though. if your thrifty go for the ca18det, i love mine and it would be alot cheaper than a sr20de+tranny+turbo kit+installation for it all (even if you did it yourself a ca18det would be less of a headache)

08-03-2001, 01:00 PM
Thanks a lot guys...you guys have been a great help...thanks..! Anyways...can u guys give me the specs on the ca18det? I'll think about that one...and I'll probably keep in mind the other ones u guys specified...!

08-03-2001, 01:22 PM
the ca18det has either 170/180 hp I'm not sure it matters were I read it from. Anyways it does'nt put out as much power as the sr20det (205hp) but can be just as easily upgraded like the SR. I hear it has beteer torque then a SR (i never been in a sr powered car so I can't confirm that) and it is not produced anymore cause the SR was cheaper to build, also it is Iron block not an aluminum like the SR

08-04-2001, 11:31 AM
How much do u guys think it would cost me to do a whole swap from a shop for the ca18det?

08-04-2001, 12:22 PM
Unstable-hybrids.com has CA18dets and they charge $4300 installed. &nbsp;
The Sr20det engine (red top) has 220 horses and costs $5400 installed.