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02-04-2010, 08:00 PM
January 13th 2009 - Street-Wise Drift Announces its 2010 Formula Drift Pro AM Affiliate Series

Street-Wise Drift is proud to announce that we are now a Pro Am Affiliate series of Formula Drift and will be running 5 Pro AM events along side our already growing and popular amateur event series on the East Coast. We are looking forward to working with Formula Drift and its organizers in an effort to find the next Pro's of Drifting.

Top placed drivers in each of the SWD Pro AM events this season will be granted an invitation to the FD Pro-Am Nationals to battle it out for a Formula Drift Professional license.

SWD Pro AM Drift Schedule
March 13th Lowes Motor speedway Concord NC Pro AM #1
April 17th Lowes Motor speedway Concord NC Pro AM #2
May 8th Road Atlanta GA Braselton GA Pro AM #3
June 12th Z Max Concord NC Pro AM #4
July 10th Metrolina Expo Charlotte NC Pro AM #5

Our full Amateur and Pro AM event calendar is on our site. www.streetwisedrift.com (http://www.streetwisedrift.com/)

About SWD
Street-Wise Drift: www.streetwisedrift.com (http://www.streetwisedrift.com/)
SWD is based in Charlotte NC and is run by Brian and Todd Phillips. SWD's Leaders have over 20 years combined experience in grassroots motorsports. SWD runs both Amateur and Pro AM drifting events at challenging track locations in the SE and has built a strong presence in the regions motorsports market since its start in early 2009. SWD's Focus is to provide opportunities for drivers and teams to develop and grow in the sport. SWD also hosts local drift clinics, practice days, time attack competitions, gymkhana competitions, and Demos.

Series Rules and regulations questions: Contact Brian Phillips @ 704-577-3560 or [email protected]

Important information for both Amateur and Pro AM drivers for the 2010 SWD Drift Competition and Drift Practice Series.

SWD will be hosting monthly AM and Pro AM Competitions / Demos and Drifting Clinics throughout NC and the East Coast area of the country.
Schedule at: STREET-WISE - Drift Racing and Show Series (http://www.streetwisedrift.com/)

Events: Most all of our scheduled events will encompass both Amateur and Pro AM level competitions and or practice formats. Specifically 5 to 6 Pro AM events!
SWD will be hosting the Pro AM qualifier during round 2 of the Formula Drift Pro Series event at Road Atlanta in May!

Entry Fees: Pro AM /AM combined events 100.00
Road Atlanta Pro AM 150.00 May 8th 2010
Weekend AM Only Comps 75.00
Weekday Practice events 40.00
Pre -Registration and Pre- Payment is required for all events.

Link to Rulebook for FD Pro AM : This is not finalized. If you have any questions or input please contact [email protected]

Competition and practice vehicle vinyl package requirements and pricing for 2010.
All Drivers that are competing in the SWD Pro AM qualifying events will be required to run.
FD Pro AM Window banners
FD Pro AM Door placards

All drivers taking part in the SWD AM Competition and Practice series will be required to run the following.
SWD Door Placards and select series sponsor vinyl’s
Pricing: SWD Pro AM : 85.00
SWD AM : 55.00

This package also includes a discount code for Tire Kingdom as well as a personal driver profile page which will hosted on the strewisedrift.com site. This page will include your driver bio as well as a mug shot, pictures of your car and a video of your choosing.
Send Order to [email protected]

Full Name:
Pro AM or AM designation:
Car # (If it is already taken we will assign you a #):
Mug Shot:
Car Pics:
Car Detail:

Payment via Pay pal to [email protected]

Once an order is submitted please allow up to two weeks for delivery of material and creation of the driver profile.

Gear Deals: Hutch BSR is the official race equipment, parts and safety gear supplier for SWD. Please be sure to visit our online store for access to special pricing from HUTCH BSR and other great SWD gear. http://www.streetwisedrift.com/store

Graphics / site packages provided by Slammed Graphics K Deavers Phogtography and Bumpdraft Motor Sports

02-04-2010, 11:14 PM
This is great news.

More drivers, more action, more fun.

02-05-2010, 06:02 PM
I am soo pumped for these events, can't wait to get out them!

02-05-2010, 06:17 PM
freaking cool. I can't wait to see what comes of this, and welcome the east coast drivers here in the west....or get to go out there maybe ! :)

02-05-2010, 10:40 PM
West Coast in the East Coast? Sick.
East Coast in the West Coast? Sick.

02-06-2010, 01:06 AM
Full interior allowed?

02-07-2010, 08:23 PM
good to see more events happening like this. great work guys!