View Full Version : Glossary or FAQ for Motorsports leagues?

Bill Roberts
06-08-2003, 05:35 PM
Would someone be so kind as to either post or provide a glossary of the acronyms of the motorsports catigories so I can actually understand the classifications as you guys speak of them...to make reading more meaningful?

Thank you in advance...AND, if this is somewhere in search (I tried) then please disregard and delete this post.

I think I fit in the a s s class for now. At least of the opposite sex of looking anyways...

Again, a clear thank you in advance.

I tried to edit my misspelling of Motorsports in the title, hope it took.

06-09-2003, 10:59 AM
For autocrossing: http://www.moutons.org/sccasolo

In autocross, a 240SX fits into, in order of increasing levels of modification:
G Stock (GS)
Street Touring S (STS)
D Street Prepared (DSP)
Street Modified (SM)

For wheel-to-wheel racing, classing becomes a bit more complicated... in those cases you're better off finding a class that looks fun and buying a car for it, rather than buying a car and finding a class later. The most common places to find a 240SX racing wheel-to-wheel are in the SCCA Improved Touring classes. ITA for the SOHC 240SX, ITS for the DOHC 240SX.