View Full Version : 2/21/2010 MW, TX Drift event. BMW drifters drift free!!!

01-14-2010, 12:17 PM

Same drill as always! For a full day of drifting fun, come join us just outside of Fort Worth, TX at the Mineral Wells Airport! Do a google search of the airport to see where we are, and hit satellite. You can see how giant the place is, and all our tire marks from years past!

Get there by 9:30 am, bring a helmet and plenty of tires! If you have never been to a drift event, most of our drivers use free tires they collect from friends at dealerships and discount tire, and get them mounted for free by being nice to people. There are several people on the forum here that can help you out if you are nice and stick around. Get all your tires mounted up before the day of the event on spare wheels, which you can find on craigslist for super duper cheap, and resell if you want to get rid of them later. Drifting can be super cheap if you want it to be!

For car prep, make sure your car is in good working order. That is the most important thing. Don't bring a broken car. A diff of some kind that isn't open helps a lot, and is the # 1 thing to make sure you car has. Then, just come play with us! We will have instructors on hand to make sure you figure out what is going on, and have a good time. Even if you have never drifted or done a donut, we will work with you!


Fabricatedmotorsports.com/forum for more info!