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12-04-2009, 02:00 PM

I am very excited to bring you a drift/grip event at Grand Sport Speedway, just south of Houston, TX. This road course is extremely fun to drift or road race on! I hope if everything goes really well, that we will start having full time attack in our road course events, with classing, timing equipment, and some great competition. That is the future though, and this is now....

The price is 150 for drivers, 5 for spectators. You register for either drift or grip, and then you will remain in that classing. Each driver will be assigned a run group, and that run group will be specifically drift or grip, and then further divided by skill level. These run groups will run in sessions which are 15 minutes long, staggered at a certain time period throughout the day. Final scheduling will be provided before the day of the event, and the schedule will be run very tightly, just like a normal road racing event. This will make sure everyone receives the most seat time possible, in an even manner. PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU ARE RUNNING DRIFT OR GRIP ON YOUR REGISTRATION!!

You will arrive at exactly 8 am sharp, with a divers meeting at 9 or 9:30 am. You cannot miss this drivers meeting, it is mandatory, just like a normal road race event. You must arrive at 8 am to get registered and run through tech in an orderly fashion. The rest of the schedule will be posted later.

Convertibles - Road racers need a roll bar. Drifters need a full cage. Any roll cages or bars need to be padded with approved material if you head can come in contact with it.

Racing suits - If your car has a fuel cell in the interior of the car, or is a full race car that requires a racing suit for some reason, then it is required. Otherwise, they are not.

Helmets - Obviously. They must be Snell approved.

Leaks - Your car may not have them.

Wheel spacers - Just make sure you have enough thread engagement on your lug nuts, we will be checking for this. This was a problem in the past.

Battery Tie Downs - This is mandatory. All batteries must be tied down.

Car sharing - This is fine, but you will be put in to different run groups.

Registration - You must paypal your 150 entry fee to erinshill at gmail.com. Replace the at with an @. Add 3 % to the total, or choose the personal option in paypal payment. Don't forget to include your full name, type of car, and the event you are registering for. There will be a registration cap, and if you want a spot, I suggest you get it early, since you never know when we will do another drifting road course event.

Track rules - Will be explained at the drivers meeting. Basically bring a running car that will pass a simple safety check.

Volunteers - I need a LOT of volunteers to help make this work. I will need about 8 corner workers, and about another 4 or so beyond that. You will be fed and watered all day, and your spectator fee will be free. No drivers can volunteer. You will be close to the action though, and should have a great time. You will not be paid, hence the volunteer part.

Photography and video people. There will be a few spots open for people to get out on track to do this, but only a couple. You will have to get with me early to secure a spot. You must go to this thread and put your name in the hat, I won't be checking anywhere else. Grand Sport Speedway.... Drift and Grip road course day. 3/28/2010 (http://fabricatedmotorsports.com/forum/index.php?topic=1413.0)

Ride alongs - Probably no passengers, we will see.

Racing suits - If you are a drifter with a racing suit, and a prepared car, please bring it and wear it. It will make the track feel more comfortable.

Please refer to this link to ask any questions you want answered, because this post will get linked all over the place, and I won't be everywhere to answer questions.

Grand Sport Speedway.... Drift and Grip road course day. 3/28/2010 (http://fabricatedmotorsports.com/forum/index.php?topic=1413.0)