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11-15-2009, 11:14 PM
TL;DR- Dec 19, a bunch of people with cars and toys in Missouri get together, cruise around, go to local drag strip for photo, donate toys to toys for tots, have fun.

Well it's that time of year again! Time to help give back to our community. For the 3rd year in a row, we will be having our 417Racing toy run (this year called the Santa Cruise). This years Santa Cruise will be held primarily at the track (Ozark Raceway Park)!!!!
Here are the details:

WHAT: 417Racing's Santa Cruise (3rd Annual Toy Run). More details below.

WHEN: Saturday, December 19th 2009.
Meet in Springfield for a cruise to the track (for those that want to cruise there) at 12:00PM at the Price Cutter on Battlefield near 65.
(Cruise Start location pending)
Arrive at Ozark Raceway Park at 1:00PM.

WHERE: Ozark Raceway Park

WHO: Everyone is invited! We encourage everyone to bring their friends and family for a good time and for a good cause. Spread the
word to everyone you know. You don't have to be a member of 417Racing to attend!

Ok so here are the details as to what we are doing. We are having our 3rd Annual Toy Run (Now called the Santa Cruise) to collect toys for needy children for Christmas! There are many kids in our community who's parents cannot afford to get them any toys for Christmas. Some may not even own a single toy. So we are teaming up with Ozark Raceway Park to help collect toys for the needy kids in this community.
For those that wish to join us on a cruise to the track, please meet us at the Price Cutter on Battlefield near 65 (location pending) no later than noon. We will leave shortly after to cruise down to the track. We will arrive at the track by 1PM. This is the time that anyone who wishes to attend the meet, but not go on the cruise should arrive at the track. Please do not arrive at the track before 1PM.
At the track, we will have an area set up for food and various other things. Food for this event will be POT LUCK style. This means that everyone should try and bring something! Attending this meet is free except for one condition, YOU MUST BRING AT LEAST 1 TOY PER CAR! Each toy you bring should be in its packaging (unopened) and be of atleast 5 dollars in value. Bringing the toy not only gets you in to the event, but it also lets you eat for free!

Wait, there is more! Not only will we be hanging out for a good cause, but there is another great reason to bring your car out!
At this event, we will be doing a LARGE photo shoot. Shots will be chosen from this photo shoot to create a 2010 calendar which will be available in January of 2010! Here is the catch, You area photographers need to take the photos! We know that there are a lot of you out there that take great professional quality shots! We need you! We will allow the winning pictures to have a small watermark on them to show who took the shots. These will be displayed in the calendar with the props to the photographer. We will also be doing a cover shot.
For this, we will line you all up DOWN THE TRACK! This should make for an awesome shot to go on the cover! We will be taking shots from the tower for this one!

We will have more details to come, but now is the time to spread the word! We could really help a lot of kids out if we can get the local car community to come out! Try and get everyone you know involved and if it is ok to do so, post this up for other local car sites to see so that they can come out and enjoy it all as well!

We hope to have the biggest turn out ever on this one! So spread the word and start collecting those toys!