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11-01-2009, 01:35 PM
Hi, fellow S-chassis drivers!

I'm running a new and exciting racing series here in SD and want to get more car and racing enthusiasts involved. This series will include two autocross events and one drag race at Barona. The idea is that everyone, no matter what car they drive, is limited to no less than a 300 treadwear tire. most people interested and signed up are running something in the 300-400 tw range. I even have some people interested in racing with a rental carhttp://forums.hybridz.org/images/smilies/flamedevil.gif. Some are jokingly calling this "Ice racing". but this makes it possible for a regular person with regular street tires in a street setup or stock car to be competitive in a legal sanctioned racing event. Unlike the SCCA class where you are only competitive with a sticky R compound...

The first 2 races are autocross at Qualcomm. In the first race final positions based on your best lap time out of 4 or more of the day, (this is so the 1st timers don't get smoked completely because of mistakes, they only need one good run, all the slower times get deleted).

The second autocross is all runs combined into one time(includes all cone penalties etc.), rally style. This forces you to drive constantly and not make mistakes.

The drag race scoring includes the reaction time so a more skilled driver in a slower car can still compete with a faster car with a less skilled driver.
Lastly, there is a burnout contest, the winner will receive a trophy!

The website listed below has all the specifics - rules, prizes, schedule, and a member forum. Log in and post pics of your car and introduce yourself. Even if you don't plan on entering, I would humbly ask for volunteers and sponsors to help with the event, as this is just for personal enjoyment and the enjoyment of others, non-profit, as all the proceeds go to the winnings and the personalized trophies. The winner will receive a cash purse starting at $300, that number will go up as entries and sponsors, donations increase.

please help me spread this info around, tell your friends, even those with Hondashttp://forums.hybridz.org/images/smilies/icon44.gif, Kias, Fords, Geos, whatever; and your nemesis tell them this is where you prove your car/driving skills are all that, instead of just talking $#!+ about it. This is open to all streetable cars, all makes and models, except maybe formula 1 or purpose built race cars.

Thank you for your interest and time.

www.sdclubracing.com (http://www.sdclubracing.com/) Main page
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