View Full Version : Fan shroud

07-05-2001, 09:22 PM
after i installed my cai, i noticed a bolt was stripped out that holds my shroud up to the radiator, my cai pushes it pretty close to the fan, although it's not hitting it or even close i was thinking of taking it off just to be on the safe side. this is only for protection from the fan blades right? it won't actually hurt anything will it?

07-06-2001, 02:16 AM
Shouldnt hurt anything. It will actually free up some space. I took my mechanical fan off my 240 and just use the electric one.

07-08-2001, 03:36 PM
are we talking about the cover or the fan?

07-08-2001, 05:53 PM
it was the covering, i made the mistake of buying a cheap cae from ebay, i already have a jwt pop charger and wanted the extension, well i got what i paid for! it doesn't fit right so i had to remove the cover for the fan. i zip tied all hoses away from it. i think it should be ok. anyone who sees the extension on ebay stay away!

07-08-2001, 08:05 PM
hmm u can take off the black cover but only problem, it is there to protect u when u have your hands under the hood....
i saw in a Japanese video, most people took it off there...

Mr Rose
07-09-2001, 09:20 PM
FAn shroud is for saftey only. We are all big boys now, take it out.