View Full Version : how come it turns over but will not start

07-23-2009, 10:00 PM
ok so its a 96ka24de in a 93
i put the 93 intake mani on it and im running aftermarket hedders.
o and a 93dizzy too.

the motor is in. its finished, all things plugged up, wired up, grounded, fuel lines good, all fluids good, new plugs and 8.mm wires, coil is good, dunno why it wont start.

i checked for spart, im getting spark from coil to dizzy to wires to plugs good

im getting fuel pressure atleast to the fuel filter(filter is new to)

fuel injectors seem good, i checked ohms reads 11.8 on all.
and when plugged in they click click i chekd wit stethascope.
the plugs are also reading 12volts so the harness has power.

i smell fuel on the end of plugs when ipull them out, not alot but i do smell fuel.

i do have a qtr tank of gas

02is good

other sensors are good.

all the relays and fuses are good.

i dunno why but it just wont start up.

it turns over and over and over and over and sometimes acts like it wants to fire up, like it studders but dont fire up.
and i sprayed carb cleaner stuff in the intake while was starting it and IF i do that it really tries to start up. started once for about 1.5sec lol but dropped off.
SO because of that test i ASSUME that im still not gettin fuel..... i think
i know the spark is there so if the choke cleaner tried to ignite that we put in the intake then why wouldnt FUEL?

plzz helpme out

im stumped.
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07-25-2009, 07:44 AM
did you check your timing?