View Full Version : S13 Megan coilover front upper bearing spacers

06-28-2009, 05:42 PM
This is kind of a long shot, but both of my front upper coilover bearing spacers were thrown away due to an unfortunate mistake.

By front upper spacers, I am talking about the part that goes under the big nut on top of the front coilovers. The coilovers come with a total of 8 bearing spacers, but I need the front upper ones, because the other 6 are different. (The coilover pictured is not an S13 application, but it looks the same.)

A friend was kind enough to let me remove one of his so I could take a picture. Here is the exact part I need.

I need two of them.
If anyone happens to have a pair they could sell me, that would be wonderful.

Thank you for looking.