View Full Version : WTB: Momo hub for S13 with cruise control

01-28-2002, 01:40 PM
Looking for a Momo Hub for a S13 with cruise control.
e-mail me at [email protected] if you are selling or know where I can find one.  
Momo discontinued them I believe.

01-28-2002, 02:32 PM
i'm workin on that now for my car. had cruise on steering wheel, putting in Momo. prob gonna end up re-wiring the switch pack down into the center console. wont use that often so consoles ok.
may have some ideas......where is ur cruise, wheel or headlamp stalk?? what Momo wheel u using??

01-28-2002, 04:25 PM
It's a Momo Race sport or somethinglike that.

3-spoke annodized center with center horn.
I don't really car about the cruise control.  I have controls on the wheel and the cluster.  but I can't find a simple hub for momo-Nissan!

01-28-2002, 05:18 PM
well, i've got an extra Momo #3508 Nissan hub kit new in box for $35 + UPS. if ur not worried about cruise on the wheel this hub fits '89-up 240SX, and only has horn capability, no other accessories like cruise. i even tried the Sparco horn/nitrous button kit as a mounting bracket for the switch, but the curve of the spokes wouldnt allow it to work. thats why i'm mounting switch in change tray hole in console! let me know if interested!

01-28-2002, 11:49 PM
dude for sure!
by putting the hub on I just won't have cruise on the wheel right? &nbsp;nothing will look funny or anything like that? <img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':)'>

$35 USD?

01-29-2002, 12:09 PM
yup. the Momo kits r nice, ur Momo wheel bolts right to it, allows use of horn. if ur cruise works, just re-route harness and mount switches in console or ??

$35 USD + mail (for Canada). let me know!