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06-03-2009, 11:12 AM

Go to D1 Underground licensing event!!! Mineral Wells, 6-28-2009!!!!! (http://fabricatedmotorsports.com/forum/index.php?topic=899.0) for more info.

Here we go again kids! We are going to do another D1 Underground licensing event to try and find a few more hopefuls. So far we have had a driver come all the way from Hawaii to drive with us, along with tons of people in our own region that I've never seen before. So I figure that alone makes these events worth while, because I love to see new people come out and drive with us. So basically we are doing a drivers search looking for the next up and coming D1 USA stars! If you want to be a famous drifter one day, this is a decent place to start. Our drivers are gaining some great exposure, they are getting seen by TONS of people, picking up sponsors, and making it happen! Last year we were doing the same thing with Nopi drift and some of us were getting PAID to drive!

Some of the highlights this year include Team Texas taking 6 or so of our drivers to Cali and Florida, and having most of our drivers go up against D1 stars such as Siato and Uneo. The tandem is amazing and driving in front of a cheering crowd is awesome. And we got some amazing shots of our cars driving with them, which is a really cool plus!

So basically we will be holding another competition to find some D1 Underground stars. If you do well enough to be given a license, D1 will recognize you on their underground site, you will be allowed to compete in the D1GP USA series, and your name will be written in the stars. What I want to see from everyone is amazing tandem at Mineral Wells. I want good tandem!!!