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03-31-2003, 02:44 AM
[testing out the G forces on the skidpad]

Course: Velocity Auto-X Driver Training
Club: VCMC (www.vcmc.ca)
Location: Vancouver Area, BC, Canada

WOW. What an incredibly fun weekend!

If you haven't done this course yet, make a note on your calendars for next year to SIGN UP EARLY and get your butt into one of these sessions. I can't think of a better investment then the $90 cdn. I paid for this course. Not only do you walk away knowing the limits of your vehicle, you also learn skills that may save your life one day.

So you own a fast car, but do you know how to drive it fast?

If you haven't taken it out auto-crossing, I highly doubt you know what yourself and your car are able to do. I keep hearing about people wanting to drift, and drag race and all of that which is totally awesome... but I really don't think it can compare to the thrill of pushing your car to it's limits in a miniature (aka "tight as hell") course.

I would *HIGHLY RECOMMEND* that anyone who hasn't tried auto-xing should come out to an event, even if you just want to watch for a hour or two before you decide if you want to run in the future. You will not be disappointed.

And the best part is that there is an organization in most people’s backyards that hold these events pretty much every other weekend! All you have to do is come out; everything else is taken care of by the good guys at VCMC.ca

[hanging a right turn through a 180° sweeper]

Testing out my new coupe:

I *just* got my new coupe back on the road Friday after a whole wack of suspension upgrades so this was the first official "test" of my new setup. (A *huge* thank you goes to PDM, TMR and Mavro for pulling miracles to get my car on the road in time)
All I can say is, NICE! I can honestly say my new coupe handles like a dream on the track, and the best part is that I can de-tune it after the race (by softening my shocks/swaybars) and then I don't have to worry cracking my teeth everytime I go over a bump on the road!

The Modifications:
^-- more details regarding these mods will be posted soon.

'89 Nissan 240sx Coupe

kyb agx adjustable shocks (http://www.pdm-racing.com/specials/specials.html)
whiteline springs (http://www.pdm-racing.com/specials/specials.html)
whiteline replacement suspension bushings (http://www.pdm-racing.com/products/suspensionbush.html)
PDM-Racing front strut tower bar (http://www.pdm-racing.com)
whiteline adjustable swaybars front/rear (http://www.pdm-racing.com/products/suspensionbars.html)
300zx 26mm front brakes (http://www.pdm-racing.com/products/brakesz32.html)
kvr crossdrilled rotors front/rear (http://www.pdm-racing.com/products/brakesrotor.html)
kvr carbon fiber pads front/rear (http://www.pdm-racing.com/products/brakespads.html)
2.5" custom catback exhaust (http://www.pdm-racing.com/products/power.html)
16" wheels w/ street tires
B&M short shifter (http://www.bmracing.com/)
LSD (http://www.pdm-racing.com/products/sspecials.html) (from my last 240sx coupe)
Engine and everything else is completely stock

[mmmmm 300zx brakes with KVR Carbon Fiber pads and Cross Drilled rotors]

Overall, awesome day!!!

[the Velocity class session touches on the theory behind G forces and maximum speeds through large apexing corners, it helps A LOT]

The pictures:

Don Nimi took some picture of my car on Saturday with his amazing 5mega pixel Sony Camera. (wow this camera rocks) A few of them are of me flying around the skidpad. <-- sooo much fun, but a lot harder then you would think.


*warning REALLY big pictures!!

[riping it up through the salom, if you look at the high res pic in the gallery, I'm pretty sure my tire was touching that cone =)]