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05-08-2009, 05:29 AM
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Event Registration for DD26 (http://myautoevents.com/pls/mae/frmEventDetail.Show?psevent_id=10329)

USAIR! DD26 and round 2 of the MWC Series are now here. We will be running multiple courses throughout the day for DD26 with a competition at the end of the day. There will be instructors on hand, and plenty of run time.

We will be running multiple course layouts. Any beginners must driver the parking lot course and pass the figure 8 test. We will also be running an intermediate and an advanced course. Advanced course will be the competition track. While the competition is running the intermediate course will still be running.

This event will be a Midwest Cup Series event so you will earn points towards winning the season. This year the top drivers of the MWC will be invited to a final event (location TBD) at which they will compete with various other top drivers in the US (more info coming soon).

Event Info
Day: Sunday May 17th, 2009
Time: See Schedule
Driver Cost: $100 (Early Registration) / $125 (Late Registration - May 11th)
Spectator Cost: $10

T2 Films
ill Garage
Destruction Warehouse
Garage Shiny
CM Werks

Contact [email protected] if you would like to become a sponsor


***1st Place***
$200 cash (from ill Garage)
$150 Gift Certificate (from Garage Shiny)
$100 Gift Certificate (from CM Werks)
Destruction Warehouse Shift Knob
T2 Films DVD

***2nd Place***
$75 Gift Certificate (from Garage Shiny)
$50 Gift Certificate (from CM Werks)

***3rd Place***
$50 Gift Certificate (from Garage Shiny)
$25 Gift Certificate (from CM Werks)

7:30 - Gates Open
8:00 - Tech Inspection
8:50 - Mandatory Drivers Meeting
9:00 - 1:00 Drift Day begins
1:00 - Competition Drivers Meeting
1:15 - Single Run Qualifications
2:30 - Top 8 Tandem
3:30 - Regular Drift Day resumes
5:00 - Clean up

*Note - Schedule is subject to change
** Note 2 - During the competition the intermediate course will be open to drivers choosing not to compete or finished with their runs

Competition Rules
Single run eliminations follow same rules as usual.
Tandem competition requires:
- Roll bar with door bars, minimum 4 point with bars, recommended 6 point or more.
- SA2000 Helmet
- Long sleeves and pants, fire suit not required

Track Info
USA International Raceway (http://www.usainternationalraceway.com)

Track Aerial