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01-12-2003, 11:48 PM
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apparantly mark and irena have decided to drop this idea.........if there is still LEGITIMATE support for this, i might be willing to take it over.

i'm gonna need a 95% commitment from 15-20 people before i decide to run with it though.

ok......dates i CAN NOT do it..........

anything before june is out

these dates i already have events:
july 26
august 16
august 31
sept 1
sept 13
sept 27

MAM's calendar says "roadcourse open" (not sure exactly what that means)on:
august 16/17 (sat/sun)
sept 13/14 (sat/sun)
oct 25/26 (sat/sun)

days we might be able to double up with other groups:
june 28/29 -- BMWCCA Drivers School -- HIGHLY unlikely
aug 9/10 -- central iowa mustang club -- possible
aug 22/23/24 -- says "central road racing association" --maybe a local body that would give us a group rate, good potential here
oct 18/19 -- says HPM/Pacific pals, could be a corporate day, who knows

those are our options. i really don't give a rats ass about national convention as i doubt people in our area are driving out there anyway. i think racers are more interested in this anyway.

EDIT: i suppose i would skip one of my events to attend if necessary.