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08-25-2008, 10:25 PM
car is a 98 kouki. 129xxx twin cam

alright recent mods have been
custom intake (all i did was lengthen maf wires, both maf plug and intake air sensor are plugged in)

breather on valvecover
piping to a/c under intake mani and rubber hoses to iacv(beside mani) are t-ed into each other

oem kouki foglights(no way thats the prob)

replaced 4ga. wire for battery relocate with single ot wire (has 100amp fuse breaker)
\new optima redtop battery

brand new alternator( alternator went out and replaced with s13 dohc alternator)

ok so where to start
saturday right after the bbq i was driving home and noticed when my car revved under 1500 the radio turned off and the lights dimmed. revved above 1500 and everything came back on. so i replaced the alternator with a brand new s13 alternator. auto zone said both alternators put out the same amperage the only difference is the s13 alternator has a smaller power post. i replace the alternator along with redoing my battery relocate wiring( to move the amp power wires and the speaker wires away from each other to get rid of the wining.) everything goes fine. car starts faster than it has since i bought the car and no wining in the speakers. today i go to leave my job and the car kinda jerks and dies. i restart it and it dies at the next corner. i pull into a gas station and make sure the harness plug to the alternator is plugged in and the ground and power wire are bolted own tight. also checked to see tightness of alternator belt. so im stumped i go to drive it back to work and it wont start. i wait a sec and hold the key down and it starts after a few seconds. i take off and the car jerks and dims then comes back on randomly goes a while then starts jerking. everything dims when it jerks i finally get it to work and leave it there.

car has spark car has fuel so its electric. i also checked where the battery wire is connected to my power wire on my harness. also checked fuse between it an battery, battery terminals and connections and where wire goes through firewall.

i have no freakin clue wat the hell is going on.

08-27-2008, 12:31 PM
first, make sure you have good ground connections and no loose wires. check the resistance of both power and ground wires.check the pins on the alt plug. you might just have a defective alt.

08-28-2008, 03:46 PM
check the big 75 amp alt. fuse.