View Full Version : ka24de bad injector after driving hard?

08-23-2008, 09:46 PM
so a few weeks back i had an injector in cylinder #3 go bad and i replaced it my self and the rough idle/ no power issue was solved. so last week im driving home and was doing a little spirited driving, nothing crazy, no redline shifts, and my injector in cylinder #1 goes out pretty much the same symptoms as when #3 went out. so the next day i have to work early so i dont get a chance to fix it and being my only car... had to drive it. so i baby it to work and right before i turn into work #1 starts working normally again (after a tank of gas and injector cleaner). so its been running fine all week until tonight, when after doing a little hard driving, fuel injector #1 is out again. the injectors will all be replaced as soon as i get a decent paycheck, however i am concerned with what may be c ausing this issue, maybe a bad fuel filter letting crap into the injectors? i had a compression test done and cylinders are reading fine, but i dont want to deal with an engine on pms after i give her a little abuse. please help

car info:
ka24de unknown milage but with good compression
176k on chassis and maybe engine but not sure
fuel injector #3 replaced after clog/ fail 3 weeks ago
perhaps original fuel pump/ fuel filter
new plugs/ wires/ dist. cap

08-24-2008, 01:04 AM
any ideas would be helpful guys thanks