View Full Version : Timing off?

08-19-2008, 12:30 PM
I've been having issues lately and was wondering if it can be due to the timing being off.. at startup..it takes a while for it to start up..it would crank for a few seconds (3-5 seconds), then slowly start up, but once started it would be good. When taking off in first gear down the street, once reaching to 2000 - 2200rpms, the car would feel like its hitting a wall and will become jerky until i change to second gear and all would be fine.. this only happens when cold and once it is warmed up its fine. I also just changed my spark plugs, wires, newly used distributor, used MAF, used CTS, o2 sensor and seafoamed the car and it still misfires, as well as jumpy idle (idle would coast around 800-900). Another issue i noticed is the spark plug holes for #1 and #4 is crossthreaded and doesnt fully go in!! Please helpppp...

08-19-2008, 02:04 PM
well first is the spark plug holes for one thats really bad cross threaded spark plug holes theres the first prob you can try to fix this with a heli coil in the holes you can go down to autozone and they will have the heli coil kit........keep in mind tho this is only a temp fix and wont hold up against abuse to well..Also did you remove the disstributer from the block and did you line it up to cyl. 1 when you put it back in? this might be some of your issue also if i were you do a compression check wile your at it to hope this helps man!!