View Full Version : 93 S13 Needing help

08-18-2008, 07:55 PM
The car is a 93 with the stock ka24de.

The Problem: I bought the car in a perfect running condition and about a month after that it developed a miss in it (the 4th injector crapped out). After discovering that the #4 injector was bad...I checked the rest of them...all of which were testing 18-20+ ohms (they were about screwed too). I replaced all of the injectors and it ran well for almost an entire day and it has now developed yet another miss and there is now a fair amount of smoke coming from the exhaust (smells rich).

I don't know in which direction I need to proceed.

I have searched just about everywhere I know to look for information on this problem and I have tried nearly everything that I know to try to get this issue resolved.

What I have tried/fixed:

New ngk plugs
New injectors/o-rings
New plug wires
New rotor/cap/button
New fuel filter
New oil filter/oil change
Checked Compression:
#1 165
#2 165
#3 160
#4 160

There is spark. There is fuel. The timing is set correctly. Any information at all would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

08-19-2008, 11:16 AM
well there is 3 things you need for an engine to run fuel, spark, and commpression with out those 3 nothing will happen but you have all of that so i would check grounds see if the maf is working correctly also the tps and most of all make sure it is timmed properly you had the cap and rotor off right? so you might want to see if you have it all timmed right hope this helps my friend let me know

Massimo Power
08-23-2008, 10:48 AM
definetly go out and check the timing... also check the air filter make sure all that is in good working order and make sure the MAF is clean.. or even working... i know pepboys sells MAF cleaner...